Litigation Coding

eKode Solutions can provide highest quality coding to ensure your client’s satisfaction. Our document managers, reviewers and coders are experts in handling voluminous paper and electronic files. One of our key strengths is legal (bibliographic) coding, where our professional staff will capture, identify and index relevant content from documents. Typical data fields include document date, type, title, author, recipient, copyee, beginning page, ending page, attachment info and characteristics such as confidential notation, foreign language, handwritten, marginalia and other items. In addition to capturing objective meta-data, we offer in-text coding based on keywords in the document and subjective coding based on a review and interpretation of the document. The nature of the project, database and output can be customized to your specific requirements.

The litigation process involves coding of voluminous documents, ranging from a single email or letter to long contracts. We provide online and offline litigation coding services, designed to be fast, convenient and accurate so that you can spend your time researching your documents and not waiting for them to be coded.

We provide following litigation-coding services:

  • Logical Document Determination
  • Bibliographic Coding or objective coding
  • Subjective or in-text coding
  • Web Coding or on-line capturing of data
  • Redaction
  • Bates numbering and labeling
  • Image corrections; rotation; flip; cropping; splitting – on all
  • types of scanned images

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